Proud To Be A Christian American!
Exposing political correctness and anti-Christian bias.


“I love my country but fear my government.”  That famous quote was from a speech by Michael Holcombe in 2003 to the Independent American Party of Florida. Michael understands what our founders feared more than anything. They believed that unrestricted government meant restricted liberty. President Obama’s proposed budget for 2010 is over 3.5 trillion dollars. This bloated debilitating unsustainable budget kills individual initiative and steals from our children. The tentacles of government strangle entrepreneurship and investment. Our financial stability is no longer in our hands but at the whim of the Chinese government and other nations who are financing our debt.  

I have lived in this great country for fifty-six years. For over thirty years I have espoused from the pulpit and with pen the spread of patriotism and the dangers of  political correctness. I have devoted my life to helping the needy in both body and soul. Yet the cultural elites have attacked my intelligence and intentions. They have insinuated that people like myself are ‘dangerous’ because we dare have faith in God Religion especially Christian faith has no part in civil society. The politically correct crowd believes that separation of church and state demands removal of all religious symbols and speech. I understand that our founders did not want a state-run church. They were not afraid of people confessing their religious beliefs in public. In fact beginning in Colonial America through the post Civil War era you could not hold public office if you were an atheist or agnostic. Everyone who had some form of formal education studied the Bible and theology along with the three R’s. The first institutions of higher learning; Dartmouth, Harvard and Yale were theological schools training men for the ministry.  Over the past one hundred years in America, political correctness and historical revisionism has attempted to remove all references to our spiritual roots. Secularism touts that religion has played no positive role. Only the unenlightened masses exercise a unwavering belief in God. 

The Tea Party movement and other grass root organizations are stirring a second revolution. This blog is my contribution to give voice to those Americans that believe in limited government and self-reliance. I have renewed optimism that patriotic Americans have awakened from their slumber. They are speaking out and mobilizing in all fifty states. The days of quiet compliance are over! We remember that great  axiom, “All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing” (Edmund Burke).” Scripture tells us, “When the righteous rule, the people rejoice” (Proverbs 29:2). Political correctness and progressivism is antithetical to capitalism and self determinism. Words have meaning. Welcome to my non-politically correct world!